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Enough is enough – Time to reboot our democracy

That an individual as corrupt, dishonest and manifestly unfit for public office as Boris Johnson is leading our country shows our political system no longer works.

Neither of our main political parties are serious about fixing the machinery of our democracy because they are both beneficiaries of it.

True & Fair is the one political party that recognises that before we can fix what is wrong with our country, we need to fix a political system that is based on the naïve belief that people in power will automatically behave with honour and integrity.

Unless we bring in robust reforms, with legislative checks and balances, independent watchdogs with teeth, and close loopholes that allow cronyism and corruption occurring, the people of this country will continue to be let down and their taxes wasted.

I do not believe we can sit on the side-lines or be silent while our democracy continues to be damaged, future generations’ chances are endangered by self-serving individuals and our international reputation trashed.

I believe we must put in place practical plans, policies and frameworks that can unlock much more of Britain’s potential, regain our moral compass, and achieve a brighter future for our children.

By cleaning up our politics, radically modernising our machinery of government, and having a multi-dimensional, longer-term approach to policymaking, we all benefit.

It is time to address the corruption, the systemic failures in our politics and public institutions, to hold those in power to account, to ensure our taxes are being spent wisely and efficiently – to fight for a fairer country.

I very much hope you will join us on this mission – because we all deserve better.

Gina Miller

Launch Event Speech.

True & Fair Party Leader, Gina Miller, makes her launch day speech introducing the party and its vision.

Cleaning Up Politics

The outdated, naive ‘good chap’ weak model of government is over.

Parliament, and the House of Commons in particular, is increasingly held in contempt by the British public, yet politicians continue to fuel the disconnect by insisting it’s just a few bad apples.

We know this is not true. We know the culture is corrupted. We know many people have grave concerns about the bullying, misogyny, and misconduct in our corridors of power. Concerns about MPs’ self-interest, lobbying, lack of courage, principles and integrity, and the misuse of public funds.

Too often they demonstrate that the rules they set, do not apply to them. MPs detached from the lives led by their constituents, and the behaviour, procedures, and morality we expect of them.

True & Fair is focussed on addressing these issues, cleaning up politics, and improving policy making.

True & Fair believe the ripple effect of modernising our machinery of government, putting in checks and balances and greater transparency will lead to improved policy making/output.

We also believe in a systemic approach to policy making that involves input from experts, charities, and users of public services and policies, to deliver efficient, effective, sustainable policies that are not ideologically driven by right or left, but right and wrong, by compassion, common-sense and collective responsibility.

In the coming months, we look forward to launching our policy agenda in the following areas:

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