2024 - A Turning Point

Friday, 5 January 2024

2024 will be an enormous year for elections and political news as 70 countries around the world go to the polls.

There is good reason to believe that the major challenges the UK is facing provides opportunities if the political will and principled thinking are there. But there is the risk that the main parties ‘go low’ and campaigning becomes overshadowed by personalities and party dramas, rather than innovative policies to increase fairness and equity.

At the True & Fair Party, we will focus on ideas, policies, and solutions, offering voters a positive, and hopeful choice.

General Election Timing

Rishi Sunak has finally indicated that a general election may be in the second half of 2024. This still leaves the exact timing speculative as the PM and his team will be weighing up the pros and cons of an election close to the US Presidential Election, party conferences and polling; but at least it gives us some clarity. BUT – remember now that the Fixed Term Parliament Act has been repealed, Sunak can call an election whenever he chooses.

Whilst many commentators have been talking up a May election, we were sceptical. Sunak, like most Prime Ministers, would want to bank the ‘I’ve been PM for two years’ prize that many appear to hold in high personal esteem – irrespective of what’s happening to the country!


We heard Keir Starmer’s speech yesterday about ‘cleaning up politics’ which we are very pleased is high on Labour’s agenda. In fact, there was quite a lot in Starmer’s speech that repeated much of our True & Fair policy stance. However, beyond his words, there is still very little in terms of policy details.

Our policies for Fixing our Broken Politics are here – please help us by sharing widely.

The True & Fair Party’s Strengths

As a trusted small party developing policies with input from experts, academics, charities and practitioners, our output is being taken seriously. Provoking, challenging, and stimulating new political thinking within mainstream parties, as well as providing a choice for disillusioned voters is our strength and focus.

Up to the date a general election is called, we will continue this work with the publication of more policy papers, reports, and research.

As most of our core costs are underwritten, all donations we receive are put to work and allow us to share our resources more widely, build awareness and garner more members and supporters, so please think about giving whatever you can.

Punching Well Above Our Weight

We know that our work is being taken seriously. A year ago we published our ‘Addressing Brexit Problems’ Report and were informed that the recommendations outlined were discussed at the two-day extraordinary cross-party Brexit talks that took place at Ditchley Park in February – attended by Michael Gove and senior shadow cabinet Ministers – to address the failings of Brexit and how to remedy them in the national interest.

Our Closing Tax Loopholes Paper and Food for Thought Report have also attracted attention from mainstream politics and advisers.

In 2023, our clear, pragmatic policies on fixing Westminster’s broken politics, our Economic policy paper, and rejoining the EU all resonated on the doorstep.

In 2024, the hard work will be turning that support into the votes needed to win. Putting pressure on the mainstream parties to bring in long-term, sustainable, collaborative policies instead of making every issue a political football. Unless politicians are honest with the public about the state of our nation after decades of tinkering with an economic model unfit for the future, change will be more challenging. The truth is we need to reform our institutions and infrastructure, so future generations do not have to deal with the burden or our neglect and irresponsibility.

If we were to win even one True & Fair seat in parliament, we would have a strong platform to build the fortunes of the True & Fair Party and hold whoever is in government to account – especially if the result is a hung Parliament.

Our outdated Parliamentary system is dominated by practices such as whipping, collective responsibility, and abstaining. Imagine if Gina Miller were our True & fair MP. You can bet your bottom dollar she would not be quiet when it came to the conduct, culture, constitutional deficits in Westminster, and so much more!

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Hitting the Ground Running

It will be a very busy year – but also an exciting one! There is a real opportunity to create a movement that gives people a positive political choice. Together we can fight back against people embracing more extreme populism – against the bad actors filling the political vacuum, at home and around the globe. We do not believe in giving up fighting to forge a future that strengthens, not weakens democracy.

Please follow us on social media and share, comment, and tag our posts. Share our reports, research and policy papers when published and think about joining our energetic volunteer team.


Whenever the election takes place, there is no time to take our feet off the throttle! Outlined below are a few events already confirmed, but there will be lots more to come! Please keep checking our newsletters and events page for updates.


  • Publication of Gen Z’s attitudes to politics polling commissioned by True & Fair.
    We are also running a Gen Z survey – please ask anyone you know aged 18 – 23 if they would take just a few minutes to complete. Once we have collated all the data, watch out for the press release and findings, and share widely.
  •  Publication of our second ‘Three Big Es: Education’ Policy Paper
  •  Coffee & Chat with Gina Miller – 18 January


  • Publication of our final ‘Three Big Es: Environment’ Policy Paper
  • “True & Fair Vision for the Future” – Delivered by Gina Miller. Evening Event – 22 February, Epsom Social, 1 Derby Square, Epsom KT19 8AG - Save the Date


  • Watch out for International Women’s Week - we will be busy!


The ‘BBC bias’ rules mean that it is extremely difficult to get media coverage for a small party like True & Fair. Even the LibDems, Green Party, and others struggle. But with Gina Miller as our leader, we gained much more airtime and publicity in the last quarter of 2023 on media shows and programmes – see here https://www.youtube.com/@votetrueandfair/shorts 

We will be pushing hard to build on this in 2024, with Gina already booked for the following:

11 January: Gina as a panellist on the Storm Huntley Show, Channel 5

24 January: Paper review and Panellist – Jeremy Vine Show, Channel 5

30 January: ‘Women with Balls’ Spectator Podcast

Lots more to come, but in the meantime please contact us with any questions and let’s push forwards together – for the common good of our country.

Warmest wishes,
True & Fair Team