Alan Victor

Alan is the True & Fair Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire.

A 64 year old retired corporate executive, Alan has lived in Bedfordshire for 32 years and worked in the Mid Bedfordshire constituency for over 30 years in various roles.

His 35 years experience in the car industry has provided a deep insight into what it takes to make businesses, and by implication the national economy, successful. 8 years as a director of several youth and family focussed charities and a trustee of a large pension plan has taught him about the importance of compassion, care for others, and how to nurture the vulnerable so that they can thrive, become independent, and make their own contribution to society.

Alan has seen the nation’s politics and therefore our democracy deteriorate as established political parties have learned to game the system, focussing on winning elections instead of working together to do their best for the nation and its citizens. Simply put, the political systems that have governed our nation for hundreds of years are not fit for purpose in the 21st century.

In 2019, Alan stood in the General Election as an independent candidate to offer the people of Mid Bedfordshire another choice - an MP who would faithfully represent constituents in Westminster by putting their interests first, not those of an established party or it’s donors, lobbyists and activists.

Alan hoped to make a difference for one constituency, but he learned that it is not sufficient to act independently. It is also necessary to have national policies that can change the rules in Westminster which affect everything in the daily lives of every constituent.

For these reasons, Alan joined the True & Fair Party, whose principles exactly mirrored his own.

Since then, Alan has stood in the local elections, again as an independent, and came very close to being elected, while being a major contributor to the success of his running mate who was elected.

Alan has learned, from talking with constituents, that they are concerned by many issues, mostly felt locally but all impacted by national decisions.

Alan is committed to working tirelessly to clean-up politics, modernise democracy and fight corruption alongside championing local issues, including too much development without matching infrastructure and services, inadequate support of Special Educational Needs and Disability, poor family and children’s services and a massive lack of affordable housing.

Mid Bedfordshire is blessed with large areas of beautiful countryside and wonderful park land. Alan is dedicated to protecting the green spaces that make life in the county so peaceful and beneficial to constituents' well-being.

In short, Alan offers constituents a new and different choice when it comes to the next election. One that can make a real difference.

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