Update from your candidate Alan Victor

3 March 2023

Ramping up to the Local Elections

The past few weeks have been quite hectic as I have started to prepare for the local elections. My first task was to write a leaflet introducing myself to the residents in the Cranfield and Marston Moretaine area which consists of those two larger villages and several smaller ones such as Lidlington, Brogborough, Ridgmont and even tinier hamlets dotted around the ward.

I have managed to find some friends in Central Bedfordshire Council who are happy to share their experience of standing as independents to help me and several other independent candidates in our quest to get elected as this will help to tip the balance against the heavily Conservative Council which is in dire need of more scrutiny.

But I can hear you asking, 'Why are you standing as an independent when you have been selected to stand in the General Election as a True & Fair candidate?'

There are a few reasons but the most compelling is that the True & Fair party is focussed on changing national politics and we are limited in the resources we have to bring to bear so they are being carefully targeted at the general elections that we expect in about eighteen months' time. This means we cannot give the full commitment necessary to run local election campaigns across the country as well. However, that is not such a big issue, since our goals are very much aligned with independent candidates in local elections, because we all want to ensure that voters are properly represented in government at all levels.

I stood in the locals before, back in 2019, so I have some idea of the steps to follow and that previous experience has been useful in making sure I am well prepared this time.

With the help of some local supporters, I have already delivered 5000 leaflets to the vast bulk of homes in the ward and I am now at the stage where I am gathering the opinions, concerns and major issues of residents by simply knocking on doors and asking. It can be a bit daunting at first but it is exhilarating when a series of residents respond with enthusiasm for my cause. There are so many people who have given up hope because the politicians they see in the media only seem to act in their own interests and not in those of the constituents they are supposed to represent. When I show up at the door asking what they think, I am often overwhelmed by their reaction which ranges from relief, gratitude and an outpouring of vitriol for the politicians who can’t be bothered to face their electors.

This, I believe is the most important part of my campaign and I will continue to talk to as many people as possible right up to the election on 4th May. If you would like to participate at any stage, please let me know, I would love to welcome you to the growing band of supporters who I know will play a big part in any success that I might achieve.

Wrapped around this, I will need to compile, design and deliver a tailored message to all postal voters by the middle of April before they post off their votes and then send a similar message out to all remaining voters right up to the end of April/early May. Again, if you’d like to help, I would welcome it.

On the way, I am finding there are already some up-and-running campaigns that are asking for my support so I hope to help them, mainly by using any available means of communication to bring those causes to the attention of as many stakeholders as possible with the end goal of persuading local government to make changes that will deliver real benefits.

Have a great weekend,

Alan Victor

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