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Andrew Cook

Dr Andrew Cook. Doctor of Computer Science and portrait artist of limited ability. Parliamentary candidate for the True and Fair party in my home town of Witney. Passionate about honesty and accountability in politics and building a fairer society.

Having run a small business for several years, I see the running of government as a farce. The True and Fair party will put in place reforms to government, with much-needed checks and balances, and a freshness that is severely lacking in the other political parties.

As an M.P. for True and Fair, I will work to reform our archaic political system in fundamental ways to stop the misuse of power and to return our government to true democracy fit for the 21st century.

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Latest News

  • A New Year's Message from Andrew Cook - Read here.
  • Gina Miller’s New Anti-Corruption Party Targets Witney at the Next General Election.
    Dr Andrew Cook (doctor of computer science), selected to take on Robert Courts.
    Andrew Cook calls for resolution of the unacceptable 6 month closure of the Witney Hospital EMU (emergency multidisciplinary unit) Sunday clinics.
    Click here for press release
  • Closing Tax Loopholes White Paper - Centre Think Tank, Commissioned by the True & Fair Party

    It is blatantly unfair that tax avoidance, evasion and loopholes are not being closed in a manner that creates a fairer tax system, more tax revenue and therefore less borrowing. This paper proposes a better resourced tax office to tackle fraud, increase transparency and improved data collection.