Covid Inquiry, Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Migration Crisis – Chaos!

Friday, 1 December 2023

Welcome to our latest news round-up and activities at the True & Fair Party. 

Covid Inquiry bomb shell – PM Rishi Sunak thought government should ‘let people die’  

The Covid 19 Inquiry confirms that the government’s handling of the pandemic was as incompetent, chaotic, and dishonest as most of us suspected. Experts were ignored, power struggles between departments and key individuals were toxic and the then PM Boris Johnson has been outed as being totally unfit for his position.

The catastrophic extent to which the Tory Party failed the country is being laid bare. Johnson and Sunak's tiered system didn't work because they made it up without input from any scientists, expert witness Angela McLean revealed. 

And then the bombshell of the then Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s alleged vile, despicable and immoral “Just let people die” comment. On daily revelations that revile us - will there be any redress? The answer is no, not under the terms of the Inquiry being led by Baroness Hallett. As usual, they, the politicians, have set the terms and will mark their homework and behaviour. The old strawman ‘lessons learnt’ will be trotted out but they will all get away with it due to our weak, naive ‘good chap’ system of government.

It’s time to end this model, to address systemic failures that led to a lack of governance, accountability and redress – to end the culture of one rule for them, and another for the rest of us.

True & Fair is the only political party prepared to bring in radical, transformative reforms to clean up our politics, modernise our democracy and ensure a cultural shift so politicians we elect and pay for operate with our best interests at heart.

Autumn statement hints at a spring general election

The Autumn Statement from Chancellor Hunt was not the quiet one we were promised. The economy may not have been tipped into recession as predicted by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) and the Office of National Statistics (ONS), but with just 1% cumulative growth, there was little to celebrate.

The public finances haven’t meaningfully improved. The growth outlook has weakened. Inflation is expected to stay higher for longer. Higher inflation has pushed up tax receipts but instead of using the proceeds to ease the ongoing ‘fiscal drag’, effects of tax threshold freezes, or to compensate public services for higher costs, the Chancellor opted to cut other taxes – causing commentators to speculate that the odds of a spring general election have increased.

On public spending, the government’s plans beyond 2025 imply making cuts to some ‘unprotected’ areas, like local government, and prisons, and imply big cuts to the level of public investment. Such is the scale of these planned cuts to investment that even Labour’s £20 billion-a-year boost to green investment might not be enough to offset them. In the budget it was also notable that despite a focus on green energy, the statement did not mention further investments such as insulating homes and improving energy efficiency, continuing the Conservatives rolling back of their green commitments.

The True & Fair Party’s response to the Autumn Statement from leader Gina Miller: 

“Slightly higher than expected growth put some money in Jeremy Hunt’s piggy bank, but he’s chosen to smash it to smithereens with short-term pre-election giveaways.

“Meanwhile our NHS remains in mortal danger, and the government’s welfare reforms threaten to put the most vulnerable at risk. He may not have used Suella Braverman’s words but the Chancellor’s actions give every impression that he believes being unwell is a ‘lifestyle choice’. 

“This statement was the last gasp from a government which is out of ideas, out of steam and out of road.”

With the UK economy, productivity and growth stagnation we need new political thinking to re-invigorate our economy. The week before the Autumn Statement, we published our ‘Chapters for Change – Economy’ Pre-Election Manifesto. 

Small boats and big migration numbers set to sink Sunak

The latest data showed net migration hit a record-breaking 745,000 in 2022 - a number that was revised upwards from a previous estimate in May of 606,000, which was then deemed to be a record high. At the same time, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed 672,000 people came to the UK in the 12 months to June 2023.

These numbers have led to all out war amongst the Tory backbenchers and Brexiteers shouting ‘take back control of our borders’. These high numbers of legal migration to the UK exposes the lack of understanding by Brexiteers and politicians about the UK workforce over the last twenty years and into the future.

The True & Fair Party believe we need more long term and strategic thinking based on interrogating the workforce we need for a sustainable future, against the backdrop of contemporary issues such as: the impacts of AI/digital revolutionan aging population, lifelong learning, and an increasingly unhealthy and unhappy workforce.  This is why we embrace responsible capitalism and a ‘kindness economy’ grounded in community cohesion. 

On small boats – the biggest elephant in the room is that before Brexit there was no small boats crisis! In a report on the small boat phenomenon by Prof Thom Brooks of Durham University, Brooks found “no records of any individuals travelling by small boat to claim asylum in 2017 or before” – not one case!

A busy November for True & Fair!  

As we continue to build awareness and activity to increase support and membership of our True & Fair movement, November has been an even busier month than usual.

Gina has been speaking at schools, universities, conferences and in the media. Rather than leaving the political vacuum to be filled by far-right voices declaring woke wars, division and hate, our candidates and Gina step up at every opportunity to bring higher standards of debate, information and discourse to the political landscape. To give people hope that whilst everything might appear broken in the UK, there are practical, pragmatic steps that can take us to a better, brighter future for Britain.

Opportunities to outline the True & Fair Party’s mission to put compassion, care, and common sense into politics.




Pictures: 1) Gina giving a speech at UEL. 2) Gina with students from Oxford University. 3) Our Epsom and Ewell supporters event in Epsom Social. 4) The Ayes Have It debate in Leicester Square Theatre. 5) Gina and our Youth Coordinator, Matthew Bittle. 6) Jonathan Tod at a careers event in Fareham and Waterlooville

December and into 2024 - election year!

In December, we are due to launch our ‘Chapters for Change – Education’ Pre-election Manifesto, so keep an eye out for our next update on this.

We will then be spending the rest of December and January with our heads down as we plan to go into serious election footing now that a spring general election is firmly on the table.

This general election is your chance to get a True & Fair MP into Parliament to hold whoever is in power to account on Brexit, reforms to our machinery of government, and cleaning up politics and corruption by vocally pushing policies such as putting the Nolan Principles, an Ethics Law, and no foreign ownership of our media into law - see all our policies here.

To achieve this we need your support!

Thank you – together we can be the change our country needs! 

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