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It seems that Rishi Sunak has bought himself some time with the government’s response to the deadlock in Northern Ireland, aka The Windsor Framework. It’s worth pointing out the irony of a solution that embraces Europe. Only once in a blue moon do I agree with the Tories, but, yes, greater post-Brexit cooperation with our European friends is a great way to proceed.

But let’s not get too carried away: lest we forget, we are still dealing with the party that crashed the economy, that ruined countless pensions, whose deputy leader is under investigation for multiple bullying claims, and whose latest deputy chairman, repugnant even by Tory standards, wants to bring back the death penalty. This is not what I would call progressive politics from empathic people.


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Moreover, York Outer’s MP, Julian Sturdy, continues to turn his back on his constituents by consistently ignoring their interests. Whether voting against abolishing the non-dom tax status enjoyed by his pals or voting to allow water companies to dump raw sewage in our rivers and seas or voting against a ban on fracking, Sturdy continues to ignore his constituents’ interests, trapped, as he is, by his party’s marginal, demagogic, national politics.

I will hold Sturdy to account every time he puts his party before his constituency.

There are also many other local issues I am fighting for:

1. Pushing York City Council to make the city’s Blue Badge parking scheme fully accessible.

My father was permanently disabled – and effectively housebound – at the age of 47. Mobility means a great deal to me and I will fight to rectify the ‘disgrace’ York Council has visited upon York Outer’s disabled constituents as they travel into the city.


2. Promoting the regeneration of business to fill York’s empty high street shops.

In spite of its manifest beauty, the city of York continues to house many empty units. Yesterday, I counted seven on the 750-year-old Feasegate in the heart of the city. And things have got even worse in the 6 weeks since York Press’ article, with Paperchase and the legendary Banks Musicroom – with a 250 year presence in the city – set to close permanently in the coming days. Clearly we need a plan to revitalise York businesses and I will push the local council to recognise the closure of local businesses and to enact a plan to encourage


3. Accommodating York’s homeless.

As a society, we can only be truly measured by how we manage our most vulnerable members. This is why I was shocked to read that “more than 100 people - including 47 children - were homeless in York on any given night in 2022...” As a father to a young teenage son, such figures are manifestly unacceptable to me. We need real, concrete solutions to this shocking problem, which is why I will be holding York City Council to account over these appalling numbers.


Finally, I have recently been leafletting and listening to voters in Haxby and New Earswick. I look forward to reaching into more communities in York Outer in the coming weeks. But we could reach so many more people if you join me, be part of a growing team fighting for better politics, better policies, and better outcomes.

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True & Fair in the Media

Party Leader Gina Miller appeared on Newsnight on 28 Feb discussing the damage that Brexit has caused the UK, in the light of the Windsor Framework.



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Have a great weekend,

Dr Daniel Roy Connelly

True & Fair Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for York Outer