• Reform Ofsted and terms in which they operate by abolishing current system of gradings and replace with credible portraits of institutions
  • Launch consultation on introducing a fourth short ‘Sensory Summer’ Term with a non-academic curriculum – e.g. art, music, drama, nature studies, cooking and nutrition, sports

Childcare and Nurseries

  • Independent review into cost and proper subsidising of childcare
  • Address funding shortfall in nurseries
  • Reduce administrative burden on nursery staff and owners
  • Incentivise partnerships between corporate, communities and charities

Primary School

  • Increase the start of school full-time in the September after their fifth birthday
  • In primary school, continue the focus on whole self education
  • Coding curriculum from 7 years so all students develop digital fluency
  • More focus on 3 Cs – creativity, collaboration, and communication

Secondary School

  • New Year 8 Skills Pathway Option and new core GCSE option
  • Student Assessment Learner Profile by end of Year 11 to replace exam grades
  • Develop AI technology platform for teacher curriculum resources
  • Enhance student ability to experience a personalised learning journey via AI


  • Introduction of Phil Augur review to reduce University fees from £9,250 to £7,500
  • Increase state's contribution to student loans to 50 / 50
  • Student debt interest to be linked to the rate of 10 year government borrowing not RPI - reviewed annually to smooth out any unexpected spikes
  • Introduce differential fees for certain medical related courses, science, and technology to encourage more uptake

Technical Training

  • Set target of 50% of young people to do apprenticeships
  • Incentivise young people – e.g. students on the New Year 8 Skills Pathway and core GCSE options moving onto a degree, apprenticeships or technical training
  • Incentivise more employers to offer technical apprenticeships

Private Schools

  • Private schools to retain charitable status but new requirements to qualify for the status