Spring is in the air

It’s wonderful to see new life returning to our countryside. Green shoots and spring flowers are a comforting sign that spring is on the way, with much-welcome warmer days and lighter mornings. But the weather is not the only thing that has been warming up.

Our new True & Fair Epsom and Ewell office has been buzzing with activity over the last few weeks. We have built a team, including experts in data analysis, media and communication, and political and business intelligence. We also have a growing number of volunteers keen to be part of the team, and eager to support, which we welcome warmly. 

We need an army of helpers – people who believe passionately, like us, that there is a better way to do politics. To spread the word, do door-to-door canvassing, leafletting, get out and about listening to residents and their concerns – and so much more. To find out how we can help, whatever your skills, we are keen to talk to you. Just email us at [email protected]

But if, like me, you need to embrace nature to destress, don’t forget that this is the best time of year to go on a beautiful snowdrop walk in Surrey. From Winkworth Arboretum to the National Trust in South Surrey, the end of your garden or local park – we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty. Make the most of it!

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Kept in the dark 

In the drive to save energy, streetlights, such as in Stoneleigh, are being switched off at night. This may save a little but is a lot of risk to public safety and gives an open door to crime. Forget the excuses and the blame game, this is a visual example of how our country has suffered from politicians obsessed with cost but with no understanding of value. A government that has failed to invest in crime detection, with charge rates having dropped following austerity measures, and a fall in police numbers since 2010.

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Data released by the Home Office last year 
show there were 142,759 police officers in England and Wales in June 2022, compared with 143,734 in March 2011. During this same period, the population in England and Wales increased by 3.5 million people. There are now 235 police officers per 100,000 people compared with 264 in 2011, a real-terms reduction in the number of officers over the decade of 11%. Like residents in so many other constituencies, the residents of Epsom and Ewell need to be protected and feel safe.


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Council tax increase – Love money?

On the 14th February, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council met and approved the budget for 2023/24, which means residents with the average band D property in the borough will pay £2,205.25 per year from April, up from £2,135.17 in the current year, an increase of £70.08, which equates to a 2.99% increase (the maximum councils can increase by without a referendum).

Finding ways to grow the local economy in Epsom and Ewell, rather than raising council tax should be the ambition. Local public services need more investment, residents who are suffering in the cost-of-living crisis and are having to go without food to be able to afford to feed their children is a disgrace. Residents should not be sick with worry, lying awake at night wondering how they can possibly pay their bills, their rent or mortgage and now their increased council tax. They deserve better.

Better value for taxpayers’ money includes a central True & Fair Party policy of getting rid of Police and Crime Commissioners. They are a complete waste of time with absolutely no improvement in crime prevention or protections since they were created in 2011. In fact, corruption, crime within the police and an immoral culture have significantly increased since the creation of Commissioners.


Protect our Green Belt – Saturday 25 February

If you are as passionate as we are about protecting the local beautiful green, do join us and other locals at a local demonstration on Saturday 25 February – bring your kids, family and friends and let’s made out voices heard!

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Addressing Brexit Problems Paper

As yet more political capital is exhausted in trying to deny the compelling mountain of evidence that Brexit is causing the UK serious economic damage, Gina Miller commissioned a Legal Paper ‘Addressing Brexit Problems’ from two of the most eminent UK lawyers to have worked at the very top of EU institutions. The report focuses on pragmatic plans to utilise renegotiation clauses that already exist in the Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA) signed by both sides and it shines a light on reducing Brexit damage.

Jeremy Kyle Show

Gina appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show last night, with Luciana Berger and Richard Tice, discussing issues including the Northern Ireland Protocol, immigration, strikes, and voter ID.

Click below to see a clip and follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with our news and media footage.


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