Next government to urgently launch a National Food and Water Plan

We are calling on the next government to establish an independent National Food Council, composed of experts, academics, and practitioners from all the various parts of the food ecosystem, to formulate and oversee the National Food and Water Plan.

According to the UN, food and water will become the most important commodities due to population growth, climate change and global political instability. As the planet warms, world food supplies will be affected and as the Cop15 Desertification President, Alain-Richard Donwahi, has warned, the impacts of the climate crisis combine with water scarcity and poor farming practices will threaten global agriculture. Not least because water scarcity is threatening agriculture faster than expected. A situation that has been worsened by geopolitical uncertainty, war and the rise of populism and protectionism, and Brexit.

The need for a UK National Food Plan is now urgent to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of the UK's food system and food production sector. By developing a comprehensive strategy, we can ensure a sustainable, healthy, and secure food future for our nation, and protect our beautiful countryside and environment. The need is urgent, the time to act is now.

Whilst the present government backtracks on the green agenda and trashes commitments to safeguard our environment, we are calling on the next government to acknowledge that we are approaching crisis point and action a policy agenda that shows leadership and competent stewardship of our natural resources, food, and water, and not leave future generations to carry what will be a devastating burden.

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