Helen Wetherall

Parliamentary Candidate for
Derbyshire Dales

Helen Wetherall

Helen is married with three children and four grandchildren. Managing Director of a successful, company delivering services to schools and local government, she has worked at Chesterfield College and in Children’s Services as a Senior Officer in various parts of the country.

Working in adult learning and community development reflects her passion to support talents and skills of local people. She has managed high profile schools building projects including one of the largest in the country and her own life experience shows that education and being given opportunities to broaden horizons is the key to successful and fulfilling lives.

She has a deep love for the countryside and Derbyshire is where she was born (in a caravan on a farm) and where she loves to be. Her interest in politics has grown out of disillusionment for the current two-party, broken system; we can do better by being true and fair.

Helen's local priorities are:

Farming policies and promises made and broken from Brexit – lack of central government leadership and no coherent strategy.

Rural poverty – isolation and lack of support for families and elderly.

Second homes driving up house prices and driving out local people.

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Latest News

  • Gina Miller’s New Anti-Corruption Party Targets Derbyshire Dales at the Next General Election.
    Helen Wetherall, local business woman selected to take on Sarah Dines.
    Helen Wetherall calls for small local businesses to be front and centre of national growth and local people to be able to make positive impact.
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  • Closing Tax Loopholes White Paper - Centre Think Tank, Commissioned by the True & Fair Party

    It is blatantly unfair that tax avoidance, evasion and loopholes are not being closed in a manner that creates a fairer tax system, more tax revenue and therefore less borrowing. This paper proposes a better resourced tax office to tackle fraud, increase transparency and improved data collection.