The True & Fair Party believe in accountable government, a healthy democracy and sustainable fair policies. At a time when our rights are being eroded, parties are being put before people and policy making appears to be led by polling and populist sentiments, we need to refocus politics on the people. Our success depends on your help, so if you believe we all deserve better, you can join us by becoming a member today.

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A personally signed Welcome Letter from our Leader, Gina Miller, a set of True & Fair Party badges, window stickers and a monthly newsletter.

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Contribute to and feedback on policies in our Policy Forum Centre.

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Concession Fee

Open to any part-time or full-time student aged 23 and below, current and former members of the British Armed Forces, part-time workers, retired and the unemployed.
This tier includes the exact same benefits as those of the Standard Party Membership Fee.

Help make our communities grow

As a member you can speak to us about setting up a local community/campaign group and specialist groups such as True & Fair Women Group, True & Fair Youth Group, True & Fair LGBTQ Group. Meet like-minded people and make sure your concerns are being discussed and that you can contribute and make a difference to our country. Email us: [email protected]