Jonathan Tod

Parliamentary Candidate for
Fareham & Waterlooville

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Jonathan Tod

Jonathan, who is 55 years old, says he can no longer be an ‘armchair politician’, as he feels forced to stand up and challenge the appalling behaviour and policies of the current government, its lack of compassion and integrity, and the social and financial inequality which it has exacerbated.

Jonathan supports wholeheartedly TFP’s determination to fill this political void, and TFP’s vision for a better future, in which honesty, integrity, decency, care, and compassion are restored to British politics. He wants to take a role in TFP’s fight against corruption, dishonesty, bullying, financial inequality, restricting our human rights, racism, and lack of transparency.

He and his wife, Tara, have two adult children. He works as a barrister specialising in family law. 

Jonathan is a keen cyclist, who is currently training for the 100 mile RideLondon challenge, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society, a devastating illness that his father suffered from in the last years of his life.

Jonathan's local policies are to address:

  • The closure of local shops, shortage of parking, and the lack of good affordable housing in residential centres
  • Protecting Local Green Spaces and Nature Reserves from property development
  • Supporting community initiatives in which the strong local community can share their knowledge, care, and skills with youth groups and homeless
  • Poor access to GPs and NHS dentists

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