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3 March 2023

Local News Round-Up

The first two months of the year have flown by with lots of issues being raised by people across Monmouthshire and its borders with Gloucestershire where I serve as a councillor about the urgent need for change to fix the system. From conversations with you, my supporters, I’ve now pinned down three priority areas where a resounding claxon for change.

PRIORITY ONE Save our Rivers- The fragile ecosystems of the Wye, Usk and Severn and their tributaries are in crisis as a result of the expansion of intensive farming, an inadequate regulatory framework and systemic failures of water utilities to invest in solutions to inadequate combined sewage overflows and surface water drainage.

At January’s local council meeting and following on from November’s Save the Wye Symposium I was asked by fellow councillors to investigate how we can start to build a council-supported plan to work with residents, interest groups, and government and non-government organisations to create a cohesive plan and programme to influence matters affecting the Lower Wye. I’m pleased to report that Gloucestershire County council’s Restoring our Rivers working group has ring-fenced £100,000 in their budget to deliver properly resource-assigned actions.

At my next local surgery on 28th March, I will be inviting residents and interest groups to have their say on how grassroots involvement in citizen science can build support for decisive regulation to stop the polluters.

I will be standing for re-election to Newland Council in the 4th May elections and committing to take action on behalf of residents in the Lower Wye catchment so that you will continue to have an influential local voice to lead the mission to save our rivers and tributaries across Monmouthshire and its borders across the entire Lower Wye catchment.

Please volunteer here and get in touch by replying directly to me by email to lend me your support on the doorstep by delivering leaflets and canvassing during the month of April.


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PRIORITY 2 Affordable Homes and Cosy of Living Crisis Beating Local Jobs

Joined up, cross-border thinking on planning and infrastructure investment is needed urgently to build sustainable, affordable housing with a well-connected transport and community infrastructure that meets the needs of future generations.

One of the staggering consequences of the demise of the Wye has been an embargo on planning for significant new housing developments in Monmouthshire as a result of the recognition that the infrastructure is inadequate to cope, meaning that the housing crisis will get worse. I have responded in detail to Monmouth County Council’s budget proposals and town improvement proposals at the recent consultations held in towns in the community echoing your local concerns. One of the key concerns residents have raised is that even if Labour replaces the Conservatives at the next election, the majority of voters think the political system is incapable of meeting the big challenges of our time – such as biodiversity impacts, wealth inequality and housing.

Here’s an extract from my submission:

'A future Monmouthshire plan should be developed in consultation with all in the local area to cover regeneration of business activity including a hub for SMEs and hybrid workers, new residential activity/townhouse developments, accessible green spaces, infrastructure for electric vehicles, free parking…'

Please let me have your thoughts on what you think of the Welsh Government’s recent transport decision on cancelling new road projects.


What sustainable transport solutions will work for Monmouthshire residents to provide better affordable transport connections to improve the congestion situation in Chepstow and provide access to under-served rural communities across Monmouthshire and surrounding border communities?

Priority 3 Economic Regeneration to Deliver  Practical Support  for Small Businesses

You have told me clearly the area needs incentives and grants to encourage new start-up businesses and growing businesses.

We should be Investing in hybrid working hubs in under-used buildings in our four main retail centres: Abergavenny, Monmouth, Usk and Chepstow to regenerate town centres #shoplocal #visitmonmouthshire

What do you think?

Encourage Regenerative Farming and Agri-Tourism.

Protect #theexcluded small businesses operating in the service sector that are the lifeblood of our local economy.

March Matters

It’s become clear from criticism of new road signs that residents feel that they weren’t aware of the plans before signage was implemented.

Please let me have your comments on the proposals for your village in the extensive report below.


One of my key aims which connects all three priorities above is supporting farmers in regenerating the landscape. I’ll be attending a seminar organised by the Wye Valley ANOB that explores Enhancing Water Catchment through innovative land management on 16th March. Please get in touch if you have ideas and views you’d like to share. Current supply chain issues being experienced across the country really reinforce the critical importance of regenerative farming and our food security. Let’s join together to highlight the importance of this area through our campaign priorities.

During March I’m taking part in a fundraising challenge for Refuge which thanks to my local supporters' amazing contributions reached its fundraising target on the first day watch this space for updates https://www.facebook.com/donate/1221002278544673/?fundraiser_source=external_url

Please consider donating or get in touch to join me for a swim at a pool or beauty spot in the local area.

General Party News

If you haven’t already read our Addressing Brexit Problems paper I urge you to do so to keep informed about practical solutions that we must share widely. It’s been great to see so many people call out the hypocrisy on social media this week.

Thanks for your support so far and please let me know how you’d like to get involved in my campaign going forward after all a general election is edging ever closer to give us the platform we need to change things for the better.


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Campaigning in Monmouth


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True & Fair in the Media

Party Leader Gina Miller appeared on Newsnight on 28 Feb discussing the damage that Brexit has caused the UK, in the light of the Windsor Framework.



Sign the Petition: Stop Us Being Ripped Off by the Energy Cap increase on 1 April.


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Join us and get in touch with me to support my campaign to get elected.

June Davies

True & Fair Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Monmouth