Time to Criminalise Ecocide

Today we launch the second ‘E’ – Environment, in our 3 Big Es series of Pre-Election Policy Papers.

As with all our policies, the Policy Paper is the result of working with experts, activist, academics, charities, businesses, and others in the climate change eco system for the last eighteen months. The aim being to identify policies that are pragmatic, pivotal, and profound.

Most notably we are proposing that ecocide be put into law, which would see major polluters face 10 years in jail or £3.85 million fines.


As Gina Miller said in our Press Release:

“This week, the WMO sounded the alarm that climate change is closely intertwined with the inequality crisis. That extreme weather conditions are being worsened by lack of action and are leading to food security and population displacement – unfairly impacting vulnerable populations.

“By enacting a law against ecocide, we will be taking decisive action to limit the reckless destruction.

“The lack of ambition from the mainstream political parties’ second-rate policies, threatens the lives of future generations. We must act now. This proposal is not a radical one, it is an essential one.”

The respected campaigner Chris Packham said:


"It's a bold, brave and exciting move by the True & Fair Party, to campaign to have ecocide written into law, in the midst of our climate and biodiversity crises. Congratulations!"

Press release here

Environment Policy Proposals

The urgency of addressing environmental challenges has never been more pressing, with climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution threatening the very fabric of our planet.

As we navigate this pivotal moment in history, it is imperative to shift from mere rhetoric to concrete, transformative policies that can drive real change.

Our progress on environmental protection has been severely stifled by Brexit, and now, compounded by a lack of action from Britain’s mainstream parties, we are lagging behind our European counterparts. We must act!


If you agree with our policies, we ask that you share with friends and family, across your social media, write and call into local and national media, and ask others to join our movement for real positive change.

Help us to protect our precious planet


Can’t keep a good thing down

Not only are more and more people excited by what we’re doing at True & Fair, our launch today has been reported in over 100 publications – including:

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