Be Part of the Change - A New Year’s Message

Happy New Year!

Thank you for becoming a supporter of True & Fair and myself in 2022. This is just the start of our fight to clean up politics, modernise our machinery of government and fight the corruption and cronyism polluting Parliament and public life.

In 2023, we must come together as a force for change – nationally and locally. All around us, we can see the result of more than a decade of neglect, under-investment, austerity, and putting party before people, affecting almost all sectors of society. Britons battling a sense of perpetual crisis in our public services – all any of us want is for our basic services to simply work.

Out-of-touch politicians protect a status quo that benefits them in an unfair electoral system. A system that is stacked against voters and does not fairly reflect the true public vote. The lack of accountability in our laughable, outdated ‘good chap’ model of government, deep-seated, growing public mistrust and political disenfranchisement is decaying our democracy.



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It is time to stop the rot

Time to let in the sunshine to disinfect the dark corners. For new politics that dials down the rhetoric and dials up real solutions based on pragmatic, community-based solutions based on fair, principled, longer-term sustainability.

Time to change our representative democracy so we are treated as valuable citizens, not voiceless subjects. Where the priorities are honesty, not populism, happiness not hardship, and where caring trumps cruelty and profit.

A new social contract, refocussed on right and wrong, not right and left

It is time to rediscover the heart of our country, our pride and place on the international stage. For the burden of worry and lack of confidence in our leaders to be lifted and replaced with a plan for a bold, bright, better future that unlocks so much potential being wasted in almost all corners of our country.

It all starts with fixing our machinery of government, at all levels – national and local.

This is at the core of True & Fair’s mission but will only succeed if we come together in a collective project for change.

Nationally, we will be publishing papers and policies containing practical recommendations based on input from experts, practitioners, data analysis and legislative safeguards and reforms.

Locally, my campaign office will open in the heart of Epsom on 16 January – watch out for the press release. I very much look forward to meeting many of you, hearing your concerns and suggestions for change, while formulating a local manifesto that serves the people of Epsom and Ewell.

Nothing would bring me greater pride than the honour of representing you, your families, and the local community. To work with you on finding solutions that can make Epsom and Ewell a shining beacon of a caring, compassionate, striving community.


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Join us. The time to act is 2023. The place to plan is True & Fair – a campaign for fundamental reform in political clothing, founded on passion for our country and the ambition to be a distinctive voice in Parliament fighting for a better future.

Kind regards,

Gina Miller

Leader and Candidate for Epsom and Ewell