Be Part of the Change - A New Year’s Message

Happy New Year Everyone.

As we reflect on 2022 we see a real need for new political leadership for our country in 2023.

We have seen chaos, corruption, incompetence and 12 years of austerity that have brought us back to more austerity.

Esther McVey says the country is ungovernable. Is she aware it has been in her Tory Party’s hands for the last 12 years? If she does not trust her own party it is time to stand aside and call a by-election.


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Nothing works in this country anymore, yet they would sign anything, say anything and blame everyone else, carrying on oblivious to the despair of the people’s lives ruined.

There are 500 excess deaths weekly due to the Government's mismanagement of the NHS.

MPs went on holiday for 2 weeks with no regard for trains being cancelled or the hospitality sector being in ruins. Strep A took a hold of the children in our country and Rishi Sunak stood in front of the House of Commons and swore there were no shortages of antibiotics on the same day every chemist in the country stated otherwise.

We are paying the highest taxes in 70 years and yet we are told by the Government there is no public funding. £2.5 trillion debt trebled in 12 years under the Tory Government.

We the True & Fair Party and Gina Miller want to make a difference. It is essential that the constituents of this country have hope that the future will be better for themselves and their families.

I, Paul Farragher, Candidate MP for Tatton, promise to work as hard as I possibly can to try and make a difference to the people and families of Tatton and ask that you all join me in making this happen and making a better change for the future for our children and their children.



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Kind Regards,

Paul Farragher

The True & Fair Candidate for Tatton