Be Part of the Change - A New Year’s Message

As 2023 dawns upon us please join me in looking to a vision of a better politics. 

Imagine for a moment life in a country using Proportional Representation. Everyone is represented fairly, every voice is heard, and every vote really matters. Politicians from different parties look for common ground and work together for the public good - those in authority finally uphold the basic Nolan Principles of public office. Ministers are properly held to account for their actions, perhaps they even find time to answer the questions asked! 

Imagine a future where dirty money and vested financial interests are consigned to the bin, in their absence MPs can now do what they are supposed to: serve the people, put us and our planet first, deliver a full range of public services that are truly fit for purpose, properly funded and sensibly managed. 

Here in East Wiltshire, we know how valuable our key workers are, we know how stretched their sectors have become, and we know they need our support. The Covid pandemic surely demonstrated their true value to us all. We need public sector services that are not constantly overstretched, we should never see overworked, undervalued workforces get progressively poorer year on year simply because of political policies which fail to keep pay somewhere near inflation. We simply can’tcontinue to have policies designed to help the richest echelons get increasingly wealthy and allow them to avoid taxes whilst millions of our fellow citizens are living on, or heading towards the breadline. 


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Speaking to locals, it is clear we could benefit from significantimprovements to our public transport network too. We need better interconnectivity between our local villages and towns. I want to give you a voice on this too.

A New Year is a time to feel upbeat-with your help these positive visions are all very achievable.

As the local True & Fair candidate here in East Wiltshire, I and the party deeply value any support you can offer. Please do get in touch with me by replying to this email if you would like to canvass, raise awareness of our party, or be involved in my campaign team in any capacity. 


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Whilst it is possible we may not be granted a democratic opportunity to remove the stale, heavily tarnished government this year, let’s be fully prepared to do so if that opportunity does present itself.

Happy New Year one and all, 

Kind regards, 


Pete Force-Jones

True & Fair Candidate for Devizes