Order, What Order! - True & Fair Party February Newsletter

We’re only 2 months into 2024 and what a busy year it’s been already! Take a break from the Westminster drama and read about what we’ve been up to in February and a look ahead to March.

ICYMI: Gina Miller Launched Her Campaign to be MP for Epsom, Ewell, Ashtead, and Leatherhead

Last week, we were delighted to be joined by so many local people passionate about their community, at the launch of Gina’s daring and inspiring Vision for Epsom, Ewell, Ashtead, and Leatherhead. 

A plan to pioneer a Wellbeing Economy to regenerate the high street, local sustainability, and local services as a blueprint to fix broken Britain.

It’s clear that the people of this constituency and the rest of the UK are fed up with 14 years of Tory stagnation and are desperate for real change, for a plan and policies for a better future. You deserve to be served better.

Read more about Gina’s plans on her new campaign website!

Gina’s Opponent – ‘Rising Star of the Right in the Conservatives – The UK’s Le Pen / Meloni’

Liz Truss, accompanied by Jacob Rees Mogg and Lee Anderson launched their latest fantasy project earlier this month, shamelessly blaming others for her disastrous 44 days as Prime Minster that cost our country a staggering £30bn from her catastrophic mini budget.

At the launch of this new ‘PopCon’ ‘tribe’ within the Conservatives, sat Mhairi Fraser, the Tory candidate for Epsom and Ewell chosen to replace Chris Grayling, between Anderson and Rees Mogg. She gave a 6-minute speech full of dog whistles: that ‘nanny state policies are ineffective, as well as immoral.’ She railed against Covid lockdowns and blasted them as the “greatest attack on personal liberties under peacetime conditions that this country has ever seen in return for very limited public health benefit”. A lady we believe we must fight to stop entering Parliament and further dividing our country.

In the aftermath of a Labour government coming to power at the next general election, there is a growing cohort of Conservatives – Anderson, Braverman, Truss, Jenrick, Fraser and even Farage that are seeking to corrupt our politics from within and destroy our democracy. Divisive individuals that are a disgrace to Parliament - the British people deserve better. They deserve a different choice.

Labour’s Westminster Wrangling

Labour’s actions this past month have also left much to be desired. Keir Starmer may have dodged a significant embarrassment on Gaza last week by hijacking the SNP’s opposition day, but it us concerning that he appears to have gone through back channels lobbying the Speaker to go against established procedure and advice from the Clerk of the House. To resort to bullying.

For the speaker to then conflate the important issue of MP’s safety with the long and proud British history of demonstrating is similar to the dog-whistle politics too many Tories are engaging in. People demonstrating against deep held concerns about the Netanyahu government’s actions and the 30,000 deaths in Gaza are not extremists or terrorists.

Last night’s result in the Rochdale by-election is yet more evidence of a backlash against Labour from the community at Starmer’s slowness to act on Azhar Ali’s conspiracy loaded comments. Here at the True & Fair Party we are deeply concerned about the disgraceful, divisive, bullying campaign ran by Mr Galloway and the toxicity he will bring to our increasingly fragile democratic discourse and ability to debate the serious issues confronting our communities and country.

Leadership is about bringing a country together, about tackling the real issues facing people every day, not PR and policy stunts to win at the game of power. In the face of the disturbing data that came out during February on poverty, mental health issues amongst our young people, and a childcare sector in crisis despite the changes due in April. The national shame of rising rough sleeping as official figures showed the number of people spending the night on the streets or in tents rose for the second year running. An estimated annual increase of 27% in 2023.

The British people are saying ‘they are all the same’, asking where the vision is, the plan for a better Britain. Work with us to offer people that new vision!

True & Fair Policy Work

New Report: Wellbeing Prosperity Paper - Analysis and recommendations for establishing a Wellbeing Economy

New Blog - The State of our Schools, from our East Wilshire Candidate, Pete Force-Jones, a Teacher Assistant

Consultation Contribution: The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales long-awaited report included contributions from our Candidate for Monmouthshire, June Davies. We concur with the key findings of the Commission that devolution is close to collapse without change and that radical reform is needed both in the Senedd and in Westminster. Read the full report from the commission here. And you can contact June here

COMING SOON! Look out for our Education and Environment Policy Papers to be published soon as part of our ‘Three Big E’s’ Policy Paper series.

In the media

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Upcoming Events

5 March: Women's Hour with Gina

Join Gina at Cappadocia in Epsom next Tuesday. It's International Women’s Week and Gina will be talking about stepping up and speaking out.

Other Dates for your Diary:

  • 6 March:  Join our Candidate for Wirral West, Paul Farragher, for a Local Hustings The Natural Wirral, at Newton Hall – To find out more and support Paul, contact him here

  • 7 March:  True & Fair Party Post-Budget Statement 

  • 8 March: International Women’s Day. Publication of Gina Miller’s Big Issue Interview

  • 12 March: Gina Miller at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, ‘Cleaning Up Politics (Invitation Only)

  • 15 March: Gina on Talk TV – Jeremy Vine Paper Review: 06.20 – 08.20

  • 19 March: Gina at Epsom and Ewell High School (invitation only)

  • 21 March: Tea & Talk with Gina and Residents of Oakmead Residential (invitation only)

As the general election approaches, we need to build our awareness, funds and volunteers on the ground – please help us to help you!