Paul Farragher

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Paul Farragher

Paul Farragher is a 60-year-old married man and father of three with seven beautiful grandchildren.

He comes from a hard-working family with a working-class background.

After several years as a gas man for British Gas, he worked as a taxi driver, publican, night club owner and more recently in construction and property development.

He has a strong passion for honest politics and his hobbies include DIY, sports, long country walks and spending time with his family.

Paul's local priorities are:

Addressing the constant problem of potholes in Cheshire.

Train cancellations and overcrowding through Avanti to London.

More access to Tatton Park throughout the year due to costs.

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  • Gina Miller’s New Anti-Corruption Party Targets Tatton at the Next General Election.
    Paul Farragher, Father, Grandfather and working-class local entrepreneur selected to take on MP Esther McVey.
    Paul Farragher calls for reform of gambling laws and political donations.
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  • Closing Tax Loopholes White Paper - Centre Think Tank, Commissioned by the True & Fair Party

    It is blatantly unfair that tax avoidance, evasion and loopholes are not being closed in a manner that creates a fairer tax system, more tax revenue and therefore less borrowing. This paper proposes a better resourced tax office to tackle fraud, increase transparency and improved data collection.