Government Reforms

  • New ‘Truth Law’ - putting into law the Ministerial Code, Nolan Principles, prerogative powers, lying in office
  • Compulsory weekly MP surgeries and Parliamentary sitting for 40 weeks a year
  • New Office of Public Spending & Procurement akin to the Office of Budget Responsibility
  • New Legislation Committee to scrutinise drafting of all proposed Bills before they go before Parliament
  • Defining in law the role of the Leader of the House and the process for the Business of the House
  • Introduce scrutiny of secondary legislation
  • Fundamental reform of Whips' Offices
  • Ban sale of alcohol in the House of Commons
  • Second jobs result in a second-rate service from our MPs. It's clear there should be no second jobs at all, bar a select few clearly defined exceptions

Local Government Reforms

  • New Act of Government to apply to local government officers
  • Increasing devolution with increased scope and financial independence for local government

House of Lords Reforms

  • Reduce to a 400 seat chamber
  • No member to sit for longer than 10 years
  • No hereditary peers
  • PMs who lose office via a vote of no confidence cannot make honorary nominations