Pre-Election Manifesto Part 2: The Three Big Es – Economy, Education, Environment

Pre-Election Manifesto Part 2:
The Three Big Es – Economy, Education, Environment

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Date: Tuesday 7 November
Time: 09.00 – 10.00
Event: Online Webinar

Join us for the launch of our Pre-Election Manifesto Part 2 on the Economy, Education and Environment put together in conjunction with academic experts and practitioners. The document details some 54 recommendations on the economy and NHS, 26 on education and 17 on the environment – with some interconnected.


After 13 years of disastrous government under the Conservatives, Britain is ready for change. Try as he might to be the agent for that change, Rishi Sunak’s Tory Party is imploding. There is a huge opportunity to provide the optimistic and radical vision that Britain’s political debate is sorely lacking.

The main opposition parties’ current strategy appears to be to play it safe and avoid saying or doing anything that might rock the boat. Whilst this strategy has yielded some success in by-elections, it is unlikely to in the general election as more and more people turn off politics due to a lack of trust and no substantive radical policies. Voters may be ready to boot out the Conservatives, but they also need a compelling vision, or they are likely to stay at home and not vote.

With a hung parliament a very real possibility following the next election, there is a real opportunity with even one or two seats, to pressure Labour most likely in an arrangement with the LibDems, to be more progressive and ambitious.

The True & Fair Party have been working with experts, academics, and practitioners on our Pre-election Manifesto Part 2: The Three Big ‘E’s – Economy, Education, Environment, which details an optimistic and radical vision for Britain, sorely lacking in our political debate and to inspire voters.


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