Pushing for Change

As British politics continues to lurch from one crisis to the next, some things remain constant: a dysfunctional and scandal-prone government, economic and trade chaos, and MPs seeking fame on reality TV.

These are not entirely unrelated phenomena; the calamitous drop in calibre amongst our elected officials in Westminster has been very visible in recent years. Matt Hancock's, Suella Braverman's and Andrew Bridgens' most recent indiscretions should be more shocking, but, sadly, after so many years of scandal, corruption and sleaze; whilst we know that we deserve better, for the time being, we do not expect better.

For context, Hancock's self-indulgent, attention-seeking jungle jaunt is occurring as the Bank of England warns the UK is facing its longest recession since records began, well into 2024, hikes in the process of food, fuel, energy, rent and mortgages are stoking inflation and a cost of living crisis that will affect everyone in the UK. 

In Policing, a damning report lays bare a deeply flawed and failing institution that needs systemic reform due to poor procedures, poor culture, conflicts of interest and lack of transparency.

And the shameful, illegal conditions at Manston asylum centre betray a bureaucratic culture that is clearly lacking in compassion and humanity, and is driven by a cultish ideology.

As True & Fair gear up to take on this failing government, our leader, Gina Miller has written an open letter to the leaders of Labour and the Lib Dems.

The letter to Starmer and Davey proposes a 
strategic, reciprocal progressive alliance where each party focuses on the target seats that we all have the best chances of winning, in order to collectively achieve a thorough Tory defeat and get passionate, hard-working, civic-minded MPs into Parliament, that will put country first. You can read the article in the Independent today, below and the full letter here.


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(click to read the full article here)

In keeping with True & Fair's ethos of cleaning up politics, we have launched a petition for Matt Hancock to quit his job as an MP and trigger a by-election. Please click below to sign the petition and share with your network.

Our candidates

Following our candidate launch on October 24th, our incredible candidates across the country have begun campaigning. Please take a moment to check out their profile pages and see if there is a local candidate that you could support by helping to build their local campaigning machinery.



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Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. True & Fair are now ready to put our feet on the gas and begin our pre-election campaigning in earnest.  The stakes could not be higher, with the future of our democracy, financial stability, and international reputation all on the line. Now is the time to step up and participate, and we must grasp this opportunity.

We all deserve better but that means actively supporting through donating, sharing our news, and encouraging others to become members. The time for new thinking, new politics, and a new party is now.

With sincere thanks,

The True & Fair Team