Raab should be suspended whilst the inquiry is ongoing, to protect people working with him.

Dominic Raab should be suspended whilst the inquiry into his conduct is conducted. 

The Deputy PM, Dominic Raab is facing fresh bullying complaints from senior civil servants across the different government departments he headed up. 

A number of Mr Raab's former Private Secretaries and other staff who worked closely with him are preparing to submit formal complaints about his behaviour.  This is after Mr Raab requested an investigation into his own conduct towards staff for two earlier complaints, maintaining that he has always acted with 'integrity and professionalism'.

Allegations have also surfaced that Mr Raab used his personal email account for government business at two separate departments - once as recently as 2021 (Suella Braverman has resigned over similar behaviour).

Responding to the latest bullying allegations, Dave Penman of the FDA union which represents senior civil servants, said: "This is an extraordinary set of circumstances. We've never come across a situation where so many civil servants appear to be raising complaints about a minister's conduct.

So if they are serious allegations about his conduct, that the prime minister has seen, he has to make a decision - is it safe essentially for civil servants to continue to work with him? That's what any employer would do."

PM Sunak’s response has been to appoint Adam Tolley KC to investigate only the two formal complaints made about Mr Raab's conduct.

In light of the above, this Petition is calling for:

  • Mr Raab to be suspended whilst the inquiry is conducted to protect people working with him.

  • The terms of reference for the inquiry must be extended to cover all allegations and use of his private email for government business.

  • Assurance from the PM that taxpayers money is not used to pay for this inquiry, requested by Mr Raab himself, especially as it appears Mr Sunak knew about the complaints before appointing Raab to the cabinet, and as Deputy Prime Minister.

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