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True & Fair Abroad!

There are FIVE million Britons who live outside the UK frustrated that their voices go unheard.

People who are proud to be British and want to use their voices and votes to ensure a bright future for their Nation, family and friends.

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True & Fair
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The new Elections Act 2022 means that the 15-year cap on the right to vote in parliamentary elections has been removed for Britons living overseas.
Please note, this awaits enabling Secondary Legislation

Whatever your previous party-political allegiance, you have an opportunity to do things differently - to be part of a movement focussed on cleaning up policies, modernising UK democracy and fighting corruption.

A political movement passionate about right and wrong, not right or left.

True & Fair is a radical, reforming UK political party with the courage and conviction to take on the political status quo. As the UK embarks on a new chapter outside the EU, join us in ensuring the UK’s reputation is not tarnished by lies, bullying and corruption.

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If you are enthused by True & Fair's new politics for a new era, we will be delighted to discuss how we can work together.

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