The Worrying Rise of the Right

24 November 2023

In response to the shocking news of Geert Wilder's win in the Netherlands election and following on from other recent results in Argentina and Italy, we are witnessing a disturbing rise of the far-right in many different cultures and political systems. 

Overnight, we have also witnessed the deeply disturbing violent riots in Dublin fuelled by far-right extremists online. The Taoiseach, Leo Varakdar, said the violence had left the nation "unsettled and afraid". "Yesterday we experienced two terrible attacks - the first was an attack on innocent children; the second was an attack on our society and the rule of law.”

Against these worrying occurrences and ahead of 2024 elections in the US, UK, France, India, and Bangladesh, amongst others, a statement below from our True & Fair Party leader Gina Miller.

"The present wave of the rise of the far-right did not happen overnight but started in the 1980s across different cultures and different political systems.

As a result of weak politicians and leaders who have not taken this rise seriously enough, or addressed the underlying issues fuelling this rise, right-wing parties and politicians have become part of our political landscape.

In the past, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-Europe rhetoric has united the right. More recently the war on woke/culture wars, minority rights and the climate crisis/net zero are the uniters as dog whistle politics becomes louder.

Added to this crisis out of our control - Covid, the Ukraine/Russia war, cost of living crisis and rapid change due to digitisation and AI, and mistrust of the mainstream is amplifying the rise of the right.

What has been so disappointing to witness is the response from the more centrist, progressive voices. Their adoption of far-right rhetoric, capitulation and lack of courage to speak out has to stop.

We have to give people genuine hope - through lifelong learning to ensure people can have decent, well paid jobs as the labour market changes, we must change our economy to a more local, kindness based economy where people are seen, heard and healed. We must harness “threats” such as AI into opportunities to rebalance life and work across society.

Unless we have that vision and are seen to deliver change, the right will fill the vacuum with fear. Unemployment will be blamed on immigration; the fate of northern towns will be blamed on “metropolitan elites”; anger and discontent at falling living standards will be distorted into culture wars.

In the UK, our electoral system rewards caution. Keir Starmer simply has to channel discontent with the government, keep his head down, and sweep the incumbents from office. That will probably work for the campaign. But just being more competent - better managers - isn’t enough to govern effectively for the second half of this decade. What will be the point of swapping the blue team for the red team if all they offer is a slightly less shambolic version of the same? If Labour does not set out a vision and have the courage to call out the far-right, they will set themselves up to be the most disappointing new government in history. And the populist right will be very fast to capitalise on their failure and fill the vacuum, with the threat of the Conservatives becoming the Brexit Party in all but name.

As we approach the general election, the True & Fair Party will continue to publish our Pre-election policy papers and reports for a real vision for a “renewed Britain”.

We need your help to spread our vision, to give people hope and a political home. Together we can stop the rise of the right."

Kind regards,

Gina Miller