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Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Happy Brexit-versary! Or rather it would be if it didn’t mean 4 years of broken promises and reputational damage.

Poignant that today sees the start of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) which will require all imports of medium and high risk food products, which include meat and dairy and the majority of plants, to be sent with export health certificates from today. This will ratchet up with physical checks in April and safety and security declarations in October.

These new rules will seriously add to continued supply chain headaches and higher grocery store prices, in addition to prices increasing due to the continuing war in the Ukraine and crisis in the Red Sea. This after we heard that the Canada trade deal and US trade deals are unlikely anytime soon. And the EU is stockpiling 200 common medicines that will only add to the chronic shortage we are already experiencing – for example, cancer, HRT, epilepsy and motor neuron drugs.

Read Gina Miller's article in today's New European


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Young people set to ‘Make or Break’ the next General Election, survey reveals

True & Fair commissioned research amongst Gen Z to gauge their political attitudes and feelings ahead of the general election. The findings show young people are readying to fight back with their votes at the General Election.

More than three quarters (76%) of young people are set to vote in the upcoming general election, up from the 47% turnout of the same age group in 2019.

Our polling of Generation Z also found that over half (54%) want to rejoin the EU, with only one in ten strongly opposed.

Gina Miller, Leader of the True & Fair Party, said:

“With a general election on the horizon, Gen Z is emerging as a decisive force that could make or break political fortunes at the next election. Young people are not only the future of this country, but crucially, the present. They have the drive to vote, but many have lost all confidence in the main status quo parties."

"While the majority of Gen Z were denied a voice at the historic EU referendum, we must ensure they are not left behind in the post-Brexit era. Crucially, they look forward to the day when Britain retakes its place in the European Union."

"Gen Z is the most diverse, educated and politically aware generation in history. The major parties must take note – they ignore the perspectives of these young voices at their peril.”

Click here to read the full press release

Our research was exclusively reported in The Mirror.

Our research was also featured in the Evening Standard, click here to read more.

Brits Abroad Get Their Vote & Voice Back

As of 16 January, if you are living abroad, irrespective of length of time, you are now able to register to vote in the 2024 General Election. It is more important than ever that you use this opportunity to vote, make your voice heard and ensure your interests, values and beliefs are represented.

If you need a reminder of who's eligible and the information you need to register, you can click here to read our previous mailing.

It takes under 10 minutes to register online; or you can also register by post.

TFP Abroad

Our TFP Abroad affiliate are receiving a lot of interest now that Brits abroad can now register to vote for the general election – and we can tell you, they are angry! That includes 412,040 Britons who are residents in Spain, estimates of the number of British citizens living in France vary from 261,000 to 400,000, around 168,000 in Germany and 43,000 in Switzerland. In total around 3.5 million people who now have the right to vote!

See Gina’s article in Bremain in Spain’s Newsletter

And click here to read a report authored by our senior TFP Abroad associate.

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