True & Fair Party Newsletter - September Edition 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the True & Fair Party newsletter. In this issue, we react to Rishi Sunak’s ‘Seven Bins Speech’, bring you the latest developments within the party, updates on our campaigns, and a blog from our leader, Gina Miller.

This week's blog by Party Leader, Gina Miller and Georgia Elliott-Smith:

Great leaders understand that, at times of enormous challenge we must rise to meet the enemy with courage and fortitude, not cower and snivel, ignoring the danger, blaming others, and shirking our responsibilities.

Fast forward to 20th September 2023 when Rishi Sunak stood before the nation. It was surreal to listen to the beginning of Rishi Sunak’s speech yesterday, but soon turned to despair the more he spoke.

He started:

 “Let me get straight to it.  I know people in our country are frustrated with our politics.

 I know they feel that much gets promised, but not enough is delivered.

 I know they watch the news or read the papers and wonder why in the face of the facts as they have them, choices are made as they are.

 I know that they dislike Westminster game playing, the short termism, and the lack of accountability.

 But most of all I think people are tired of the false choice between two versions of change that never go beyond a slogan.”

From every doorstep visit and contact we receive, we can confirm that the public are frustrated with Westminster. That the longer our status quo political system prevails, the longer people will feel unrepresented and long for a different choice.

But lets focus on the populist speech Mr Sunak delivered yesterday – in a blog by our Leader Gina Miller and our Party member, Georgia Elliot-Smith – Sustainability Consultant, they write ‘Where are the Conviction Politicians.


Mid Bedfordshire By-Election - Message from Alan

At the heart of the Mid Bedfordshire by-election, the polls are painting an intriguing picture. Recent surveys reveal a groundswell of support for Alan and the True & Fair Party, with True & Fair polling double that of the Green Party.People are clearly disenchanted with their previous MP, the government, and Parliament in general, with many echoing the sentiment, 'They're all the same, making empty promises.'

To intensify our doorstep campaign, expand our reach and create a positive change in the political landscape, we need your help. Help us send a message to Westminster that 'It's time for change!' That people deserve and want better from their politicians.

This surge in support not only legitimises our party's place in the political arena, but also underscores voters’ desire for genuine choice and authentic voices.

Volunteer for Alan, send him an email now[email protected]



Join Us for the National Rejoin March on September 23rd!

We are a few months on from the seventh anniversary of the Brexit referendum, it's abundantly clear that Brexit has caused significant harm to the UK. The government still lacks a coherent plan, just as it did seven years ago. Labour remain too cowardly to mention Brexit even though every poll now shows people want to start the road to rejoining the EU.

Mistakes are part of life, but the gravest errors are those we refuse to acknowledge and learn from. Evidence of the damage of Brexit to almost all sectors is everywhere.

But the polling is not enough, we need to be seen and heard!

Join Gina Miller and the True & Fair team on September 23rd for the National Rejoin March. It's a day for our voices, our commitment to progress, and our vision for a brighter future, too be seen and heard. Let's unite to advocate for change and rekindle the spirit of cooperation embodied by the EU.


Join Our Volunteer Team Today!

At True & Fair, we need the power of collective action.  We need your help to make a difference. Join our volunteer team today and help build awareness and let people know they have a different choice. Whether it's supporting local events, spreading our message, or helping with campaigns, or joining one of our expert volunteer working groups, your time and effort is vital in fixing Britain. Step up, volunteer, and be a force for common good!

Ready to do more? Email us your details and let us know you are ready to step-up via email to [email protected]


Don't Miss the Unveiling of Part 2 of our Pre-Election Manifesto - Education, Environment, and the Economy!

On 16th October we will be publishing Part 2 of our Pre-Election Manifesto with radical, thought provoking policy ideas and reforms for the economy, education and environment.

Following feedback from our Part 1 launch and recognising our members are across the nation, we've opted for a Webinar format, ensuring every member and supporter can attend and ask questions.


Every fight needs funding, and with core funding covered, every pound you give will help us reach another politically homeless Brit who is looking for an alternative to the major parties.


Championing the Countryside – Visiting the Abergavenny Food Festival

Last Saturday, our True & Fair team had the privilege of joining forces with June Davis, our esteemed candidate for Monmouthshire in Wales and a dedicated local councillor, at the renowned Abergavenny Food Festival. This event was a vibrant celebration of local produce, culinary artistry, and community engagement.

A main focus for Gina Miller and our Party is transforming our nation to be more happier, healthier and more resilient. It’s a scandal that today the health of one in three children is at risk due to the food they eat. 

Britain needs a National Food and Water Plan - a fair deal between the food industry/farmers, politicians, the countryside, our environment and the people. Please help us by submitting to our Championing The Countryside Consultation which closes on 16th of October.


Please also share with anyone that is an expert or practitioner in the food, countryside, environmental sectors –