Updates and Events - November 2023

As we face a general election within the next 12 months, we are ramping up our activities and need your help to build awareness of the True & Fair Party, our policies, and candidates.

Championing the Countryside Campaign Update 

Yesterday we published the first of a series of White Papers and a petition calling on the next government to launch an urgent National Food and Water Plan to heighten the debate and political actions around our nation’s food, water sustainability, protecting our countryside and environment.

To mark the launch Gina Miller and our True & Fair parliamentary candidate for Derbyshire Dales, Helen Wetherall, were joined by our candidate for West Wirral, Paul Farragher. In Bakewell, they visited a small farm where three generations of farmers shared their challenges and diversification plans for sustainability. Many people they met expressed political disenchantment and huge frustration that politicians are not doing enough to address our food and water security and standards, or supporting farmers and the countryside.

The team then went on to meet with The Campaign for The Protection of Rural England charity about collaborating.


Launch of Pre-Election Manifesto – Part 2, The Three Big Es: Economy, Education, Environment

On 7th November we launch the second part of our Pre-Election Manifesto bursting with ideas and policy recommendations. If you have not done so yet, please RSVP by clicking the button below:

Time and Date: 09.00 – 10.00, Tuesday 7th November 2023

Format: Online Event – Speech followed by a Q & A - The event link will be sent out on the morning of Monday 6th November 2023.

And For Something Very Different - 'The Ayes Have It'

West End special Brexit one-off event at The Leicester Square Theatre on Tuesday 21st November 2023. The event, called 'The Ayes Have It' will debate the motion “Brexit has been a disaster and now must be reversed”.

Proposition: Gina Miller, Alex Salmond, Andrew Marr

Opposition: David Davis MP, Baroness Claire Fox, Mike Graham

Tickets can be bought here.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

The Israeli / Gaza Conflict

Our party position is clear, there must be humanitarian ceasefires to alleviate the suffering and death of innocent people in Gaza. Allowing 30 trucks with aid through is dismal. There needs to be more like 300.

The hostages must be released, and the bombing of hospitals and schools where innocent civilians are taking refuge must cease as we do not believe these are morally justifiable. Every life is equal.

We also believe that a two-state solution must end the cycles of conflict and be the end goal.

Last Friday, we published an opinion blog from a Jewish Party member, Lee Moor, as we believe it is important to allow a place for debate and nuisance. We have as expected, received several varying responses from other members. We felt it would be appropriate to add some responses to Mr Moor's blog, which you can read here

Kind regards,

True & Fair Team