Chapters for Change – Pre-election Manifesto Part 1

Dear Friends and Supporters

Chapters for Change – Pre-election Manifesto Part 1

Today we launched the first of our three Chapter for Change Pre-election Manifestos entitled Fixing Our Broken Politics, with a powerful speech from our leader, Gina Miller.   


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There is now an accepted reality that our machinery and model of government - our Mother of all Parliaments is not fit for the 21st century. 

That the rules, principles, scrutiny, workplace culture and governance we have come to expect in all walks of life, are absent from our corridors of power. 

The naivety of the ‘good chap’ model has been exposed in recent years and by recent Tory Prime Ministers, but it is not about one government or one party.  What should concern us all is not just who may be in power, but what they do once in power.

It’s about the very foundations of our democracy.

True & Fair believes we deserve a government that is transparent in its actions, accountable for its decisions, and responsive to the voices of the people it represents.

In our Pre-election Manifesto – Part 1 publishing today, we address the core principles of the True & Fair Party – cleaning up politics, modernising our democracy and combatting corruption. 

38 pragmatic proposals that we believe will begin to rebuild trust, fix the systemic failings and bridge the gap between ‘them and us’.

Read the Manifesto

We were delighted with the numbers that turned out to support all our candidates but need your help to share the manifesto and encourage people to support and join our movement for compassion, caring and commonsense in politics. 

Ahead of the general election, we need to reach out to the millions feeling politically homeless, disenfranchised, and angry that our broken politics is resulting in a broken country. To give people hope.

We are in this to win a handful of True & Fair MPs that are not afraid to speak truth to power.


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