Countryside Campaign

Our beautiful, vital British countryside is at the heart of our nation's health, happiness, and sustainability. Support for our farmers, fishing industry and environment are key to our nation’s food sustainability, biosecurity, water security, and protecting our population against the effects of climate change.

We deserve a judicious clear plan from politicians, but sadly, this has not been the case. Instead, trade deals signed by the government have been at the expense of UK farmers and food producers. Promised post-Brexit funding has not materialised, and burdensome border checks are crippling businesses. 

Whilst the present government backtracks on the green agenda and trashes commitments to safeguard our environment, this campaign seeks to heighten awareness and debate about policies, reforms, and plans to safeguard our nation’s food, water and environment. 

We are calling on the next government to acknowledge that we are approaching crisis point and action a policy agenda that shows leadership and competent stewardship of our natural resources, food, and water, and not leave future generations to carry what will be a devastating burden.

First ‘Food for Thought’ White Paper 

If you’re a small farmer or work with small farmers, email us your input for our next ‘Food for Thought’ White Paper

If you work, have experience or are an academic in the food, farming or environmental sectors, please email us with any input or policy ideas. We would love to hear from you - [email protected] 

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