We need to pull the rip cord and stop the national decline by re-joining the EU

On the seventh anniversary of the Brexit referendum, we are faced with overwhelming evidence of the damage Brexit has done to the UK. Today, the government still has no more of a proper plan or strategy today than there was seven years ago.  

Everybody makes mistakes, but the biggest mistakes are from those who refuse to admit them and learn from them. People were told that Brexit would mean more money for our NHS, lower immigration, and a stronger economy. None of these promises have been delivered. When the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, it was a decision that was based on fear and misinformation – and led by a liar.

There must be a point - unpopular as it is - when we face the truth. To honestly and openly ask ourselves how do we best protect the UK, grow our economy, and make Great Britain once again a nation respected and proud, rather than pitied. That it is our urgent responsibly to restore to future generations the prosperity, security, opportunities, and choices that they will need to face an increasingly volatile world. 

If our country is to move on from a high tax, low growth economy with failing public services something must change. The evidence of the damage to almost every sector and every part of our country is clear.

In terms of joining the single market and customs union option, we are not supporters as this would mean the UK doffing our cap and accepting existing and future rules and regulation without any vote or voice. 

The only viable option is to re-establish our membership of the EU and return to the top table once again. After seven years of failure, now we need to pull the rip cord, and start the process of re-establishing our membership of the EU, as the benefits far outweigh the costs.

The question is - what kind of country do we want to be?

Together we can win


Join Gina Miller and the True & Fair team on the 23rd of September for the National Rejoin March