Pete Force-Jones

Parliamentary Candidate for
East Wiltshire

Pete Force-Jones

Pete Force-Jones is the True and Fair Party Parliamentary candidate for East Wiltshire. He backs TFP’s vision of a better future where a cleaned up and modernised British democracy is prepared to uphold basic standards - one where the voice of every voter counts.

Pete grew up in this wonderful part of Wiltshire, attending St John’s School in Marlborough, before studying at the University of Swansea.

He has spent the last 10 years working as a teaching assistant in the SEN department of a nearby secondary school, where he now works as an assistant teacher. 

Pete, a lifelong Swindon Town fan, enjoys most sports. He regularly plays cricket for Avebury CC and has run a number of marathons. Pete also enjoys quizzes, nature and walks in the local countryside.

Pete's local policies are to address:

The lack of affordable housing, and especially its impact on young people.

Inadequate public transport links, especially between local villlages and towns.

Poor access to GPs and NHS dentists.

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    Pete Force-Jones, an assistant teacher selected to take on Danny Kruger.
    Pete calls for big improvement in local availability of health care services and political accountability.
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