Gain hands on experience in politics

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Help turn the tide of corruption

Young people are crucial change makers.
You are not just the leaders of tomorrow, you are leaders today.

In politics, where law and policies affect every aspect of your lives, young people must not be absent or silent. You have power in your voice and vote to shape the world you want to live in. To bring bold new ideas, passion, and fairness to politics in the most authentic way.

For decades, the main political parties in the UK have sold out young people.

But we are now at a crossroads. Our country can either slip further into corruption, inequality, unfairness and division, or we can reset and become a beacon of compassion, equality, and responsibility.

Now is not the time to sit at the sidelines; now is the time for action.

The True & Fair Party knows the key to a sustainable future of our country depends on mobilising young people to be at the forefront of change.

Roll your sleeves up, pull on your boots and join our movement. Join the True & Fair Party today, and start the journey to a more hopeful, caring, and fairer tomorrow.

Meet our Head of Youth Outreach

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Matthew Bittle

Why Join The True & Fair Party

It’s an exciting win/win!

A fantastic opportunity to see politics and campaigning in practice. To gain hands-on, experience of politics. But it’s so much more.

It’s an actionable way of being part of change that can build a better future for us all. It’s being able to go home at the end of the day knowing that you’re working for a great cause and in the future being able to say, “I did my part in making our democracy better fit for purpose”.

You get the opportunity to work in a close-knit, friendly, team with Gina Miller at the helm, helping you to develop your civic activism, strengths and talents in a caring and professional environment.

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