Change is a Collective Project

Do you know someone who cares about restoring decency, truth and fairer in politics?

2022 has shone a light on the systemic weaknesses in our political and democratic systems. The fact that PMs and MPs are largely subject to little or no redress for their irresponsible, incompetent, self-serving behaviour, and the cronyism corrupting our politics, can no longer be tolerated.

Enough is enough. If you know people who care as much as you do, can you invite them to join the True & Fair Party and our campaign to clean up politics, modernise our democracy and fight corruption?


Have you chatted with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and professional network about the dire state of our politics, about ‘them and us’, about the wasting of our taxes and utter shameless cronyism in Westminster? People who want to improve our democracy and stop the erosion of our rights.

Together, we can grow our campaign for a stronger, fairer democracy and ultimately win seats in Parliament where we will be loud, relentless advocates for reform.


To plan our work in 2023 and leading up to the next General election, we need to hear your views. True & Fair is therefore conducting a survey to ascertain people’s attitudes and concerns about UK politics.

Please take a moment to share your views on the state of UK politics here. Also share the link with others who you think would be interested in having their say.

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The True & Fair Party is the only political party dedicated to cleaning-up politics, strengthening, and modernising our democracy, and fighting corruption at all levels of government.

This must be a collective project that requires your help to share our work, build awareness – especially amongst the growing number of voters feeling politically homeless and disenfranchised.

This festive season, we have a very kind donor who has offered to match up to £20,000 raised between today and 2 January 2023. This means that any donation you make to the True & Fair Party will be matched, thereby doubling your contribution.

Our target is £20,000

As a small, highly efficient, dynamic party, the money you give is immediately put to work to build a better, brighter future and a country we can once again be proud of.


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Thanks to everyone who has joined us in 2022. We look forward to being bigger and bolder in 2023 with your help!

Kind Regards,

The True & Fair Team

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