• Reinforce COP 26 endorsements
  • Ending deforestation by 2030
  • Turbocharge free insulation programme for homes with income of less than £25k
  • Invest in initiatives, innovations and targeted plans that will unlock the benefits of climate change mitigation
  • New Clean Air Act
  • Halt all investment in new fossil fuel projects
  • Every government department to have a new dedicated Environmental Impact Unit
  • Increase investment in cleaner, cheaper energy such as biofuel, waste, sun, wave and wind


  • In line with the commitment for UK to reach net zero by 2050, consult with business on their plans to reach net-zero, commitment to green job creation and unlocking economic growth by 2025 to reach 2050 net zero targets
  • Incentivise cleaning, capture and new green innovation with new Green Entrepreneur Relief
  • Encourage oil and gas companies to focus 50-75% of their investment intent in low and zero-carbon products and services


  • Speed up of the network of public charging points
  • By 2035, no sales of new internal combustion engine passenger cars
  • Internationally, work with other countries on laws and regulations to stop cruise ships dumping waste into oceans, polluting beaches, contaminating coral reefs, and destroying marine ecology